Enterprise Performance Management

The most important function and responsibility of management, in any organization, is to make timely quality decisions. Decision making relies heavily on the availability of right information. At times, the information becomes the key factor that differentiates a good decision from a bad one. Additionally, managers are also expected to track the results of their decisions and consequently initiate corrective actions.

Does your employees frequently complain about the lack of communication on strategy?
Does your management lack real-time quality information to make timely decisions?
Do you face frequent questions on the quality of performance data?
Does it take a considerable time and effort to consolidate data from different departments?
Do your employees complain that they are unaware of their performance targets and achievements?

If the answer to any or all of the above is yes, you need to seriously consider Enterprise Performance Managment (EPM)

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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), in essence, is a framework to organize, communicate, automate and monitor the business activities, processes, metrics, and technology system with the strategic intent to drive performance across the organization. Enterprise Performance Management framework offers both business methodology and supporting technology. Enterprise Performance Management consolidates information from silos and presents one coherent visualization of the organization performance at Operational, Tactical and Strategic levels. After establishing EPM practice, organizations realize tangible benefits through proactive engagement of operational challenges and alignment with business strategy.

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